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Reconditioning your Mindset.

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

No matter what circumstances you have been facing in your life. No matter what problems you have gone through— financial, psychological, or social—this is the right time to overcome them and start a new life. Make a strong commitment and recondition your mindset.


Challenging situations come to improve your decision-making abilities. They come so that you can explore more of yourself. They come to change you. It’s up to you not to get trapped in bad situations and to be able to get out of the physical or psychological trap or use the situation in your favor. Make a crisis the first step towards success.


Analyze why you are encountering this situation and what you can do to get out of it to improve your quality of life. How can you spin it in your favor or what you can just let go and move ahead while learning a good lesson?


To do this, the most important thing you need is to recondition your mind. We all have the same neurons, impulses, grey matter, and nervous system and it has been left to us as to how we use this system.


You have been given the power to use this system to your benefit and to be the one who is fortunate enough to adopt a life that you want to live. Or you can use it against yourself and make your life miserable by not using your potential and living a life of stress and anxiety.


The most important question is how to recondition your mind? The single step that is required is to intervene in your thinking process. You need to realize that what others tell you about yourself is not true and that the negative messages your brain gives you are all fake. The only thing you need to do is tell your brain that you are worthy and capable of sorting out this problem. You need to tell yourself that nothing in this world is impossible, and you have all the power and capabilities to spin this situation in your favor.


There are various methods to give this message to your brain. Watch a motivational video clip for a few minutes daily. You can do it while making breakfast, having a short break in the office, or before sleeping. Just take out a few minutes from your busy schedule. Continue doing it for a week and see the impact.


Humans tend to be affected more when they listen and see something frequently. You have to trick your mind into reconditioning itself. You need to detoxify it, and you have to start right now.


Another effective way is to write on small pieces of paper, "I can sort it out, and I will get the best results out of this situation." Write it on five small pieces of paper and put these where you can read them frequently; on the door of your room, dining table, car, wallet, and side table. Try this for seven days, and you will get results.


I know all these sound too simple to work. But they’re not. The basic logic behind them is to give effective touch points to your brain. When the brain sees and listens, it tries to act accordingly. Humans have a plastic brain. It can remodel itself. It can change, and so do the neurons. We just need to train it in the right way. Try these two techniques for a week and get back to me, and let me know if this technique worked for you or not.


If you want to live a quality life, the journey begins right here. Just take the proper steps. The most important thing is reconditioning your mindset and making yourself believe that you can do it and that you are the best, because you are.

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