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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Habit! What is a habit? Habit is power.


Nature has given human beings this powerful potential to change things for themselves. If you know how to use this force in your benefit. Habit can help you to bounce back from failures. Good habits can help boost your productivity. They can help you achieve your dreams. They can help you become the best version of yourself.


Humans are a combination of mind, body, and soul. Each of these has its own distinct habits. If you harness positive habits of mind, body, and soul, over time, they will become compound habits. The impact of compound habits will be beyond your imagination.


In this contemporary world, humans have adopted many negative habits which are causing physical and mental issues. These habits increase anxiety and stress levels. But many people are not aware of these habits. They stick to these negative actions to the extent that they don’t even think that they need to do something to change them.


Old habits need to be replaced with new ones if you want to thrive in life. The habit of blaming others. The habit of negative self-talk. The habit of procrastinating. The habit of misusing money and time. The habit of not being kind to yourself. All these habits are probably familiar to you, and are stopping you from fully enjoying your life.


The fast-moving world has taken peace, tranquility, calmness, humility, and generosity from humans. All this has given rise to a materialistic mindset. This is the reason for increasing mental and physical issues.


These bad habits are also impacting our relationships. People are demanding more from others and aren’t prepared to be at the giving end. This eventually affects the social fabric of society. These fabricated societies are leading to a chaotic world with ever-increasing problems of threats, violence, and terror around the globe.


Habits have an enormous impact from the micro to the macro level. Being mindful of this fact, let’s try to replace our bad habits with good ones. Let's change our negative habits to positive ones. Let us sensitize our families, friends, and children to the importance of habits. Every small contribution that we are making to change ourselves and helping others to change will be our contribution to a healthy society and a happier world.

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