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Dr. Dan

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Hey there!

It's Dr. Dan here, a guy who got his degree because his parents wanted to see him become a doctor. So there I was with my degrees, a secure profession, and social status. And even with this impressive profile, there was a problem.


Deep inside me is my highly rebellious soul. My burning desire was to have control of my time, to travel around the world, to enjoy the freedom, to connect to people and live a simple, enriched beautiful life. A life that was not usually the lifestyle associated with my profession.


My medical practice involved long working hours, sleepless nights, and complex vocabulary of complex medicine terms. I saw suffering where, if a person needed treatment, they also needed medical insurance. I worked in a health system where a doctor consulting in a city hospital meant he would be charging his patients huge sums of money. There is a constant tug-of-war between healthcare providers and insurance providers with the consumer stuck in the middle.


I was a part of that system and tried to make changes in whatever way I could, but after a few years, it became apparent that changing the system was not in my hands. I had two options: to be in the system and be in constant war with my conscience, or to stop trying to control the system and control what I could control. My life.


I decided to leave it to the politicians and policymakers do their work and hopefully change the system, and I decided to live my life. I quit medicine.


But it was a lot easier saying it than actually doing it. There were social, financial, and psychological pressures and it took me years to come to the decision, but I finally made it. Now I have my own rules, definitions of success and failures, and different ways of helping others, approaching others, and living life the way I want to.


I decided to help others learn how they can live the life of their choice too.


Our modern era of competition, anxiety, and conflict has made this life a place where a few have the liberty to enjoy their chosen life due to family money or a lottery win, or they were born into the elite social class while others are just trying hard to survive by strict budgeting, paying taxes and saving money in their 401(k) retirement plan. Having lived for four decades so far, I am very sure about one thing; its nothing other than your own mindset that can help you achieve your potential and bring you abundance or keep dragging you backward and stop you from taking risks and making decisions that are right for you.


I will never ‘preach’ something that I have not ‘practiced’ myself.


I took a risk. I left my 'dignified' profession and started writing books. Unlike medicine, where my services were only available to those who could afford them, I write books for the ‘common man’ who is working hard to make a living so their family can survive. I write books for those who want to change their lives but don't know where to start. I write books for those who, despite having all the potential and good qualities, aren’t making a quality living. I write books that anyone can connect with, no matter where they live.


We are all humans. We all share the same patterns of thinking, the same patterns to comply with societal norms, the same feelings when we experience trauma and abuse, and the same feelings when we are happy and contended. My books are for every one of 'US.'


My quest is to spread the message of optimism, self-confidence, and serenity to every human in this world. If I am able to help just one person to be more positive in their life and encourage them to take small steps towards a better you, that will be my reward, and with every change, it will reaffirm that I made the right decision to give up the medical profession to connect with you.


Let ME help YOU to explore YOU, and let's start this expedition together!


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